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Limiting beliefs were created as a result of self-experience, other people experience, some low self-esteem reason etc.

Limiting beliefs are thoughts that go in our mind, and we believe to be true, so we don’t have to challenge them.

When we were at school and a teacher told us that we fail in math, we may adapt the notion that we are not good in math. The same with other subjects or with remarks that had been made about us like: you are not good enough, not smart enough etc.

We all have limiting beliefs about ourselves and about other people.

We need to explore and find out what are our thoughts about different subjects that may hold us back in our way to success.

Some examples of limiting beliefs are sentences that start with:

  • I can’t……
  • I will never……
  • I’ve tried everything……
  • I don’t know if I can…….
  • I’m powerless ……..
  • I’m not good at……..
  • I’m not smart enough…..
  • I don’t know how…….
  • I’m not worthy……
  • I don’t deserve……

If you ever told yourself: I’ll never be rich – try to examine this belief, where did it come from? what if it’s not true? How can you change that?

You may have limited beliefs about money:

  • Money corrupts
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • I’ll never be rich
  • Need to be super educated
  • I spend all that I earn.

If you caught yourself using these words, it does limit your potential and stops you from becoming richer.

Is it possible to change a belief once its in your mind?

Yes!  with the help of hypnosis, you learn to replace old pattern of thinking with new ones. Hypnotic suggestions that are tailored to your need of change are effective and promising.

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